Hi, I’m Lisa. I help midlife women define & go after the life they really want.

Are you feeling stuck or ready for a change? I get it. Whether you’re looking for more fulfillment, more purposeful work or more fun, coaching can help.

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Sometimes you get so caught up in the busyness of everyday life that you lose touch with what you want and how to get there. Or you get sidetracked from your goals and find yourself wondering, “Is this it?”

When you work with me, you’ll get insights and tools to help you rediscover your inner compass, gain confidence, celebrate your growth and move toward creating results and a life that you love.

Coaching can help you feel lighter, brighter and more capable. I know this because my clients say so, and because I understand first-hand how empowering and transformational coaching can be. Learn more about my insights in recent articles in The Toronto Star, The Globe & Mail, Chatelaine and the CBC.

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“Lisa is an incredibly intuitive and giving coach. She provided strategies that helped me push through my fears, which were holding me back. I would happily recommend Lisa’s coaching services to everyone!”

— Jan

Why I Love Coaching

I’m a certified Life & Wellness coach who empowers women to create more intentional, fulfilling and joyful lives. I’m able to help women pursue their goals thanks to my training and my personal experience. I know what it’s like to feel stuck, because five years ago I was bored with my career, drinking too much and running on autopilot while juggling parenting and caregiving. 

Coaching helped me develop healthy new habits, quit drinking, launch 50ForwardClub and redefine what success means in my whole life. At first though, it seemed almost impossible to manage my fear of failure and negative self talk. My coach’s insightful questions and my own reflection work made me realize that I could question and overcome limiting thoughts and try new things that are aligned with my needs and values. 

Today, I coach other women to tap into their inner wisdom and make positive changes in their lives, too. 

What Does A Life Coach Do?

A coach is an ally and thinking partner who helps you tune into your values, uncover negative thoughts that hold you back and work toward a life that reflects your authentic self.

Coaching with me helps unlock your insight, guiding you to do the work that will help you get results and thrive. With warmth and compassion, I listen and ask questions that raise awareness and empower you to develop a plan that you can act on – at your pace, because it’s your life and you’re accountable for your own progress.

Coaching is not therapy, which focuses on the past, but instead focuses on clarifying and shaping your future. Coaching won’t make you happy 100% of the time, because challenges are part of life, but it will give you the mindset tools to manage obstacles and emotions and move forward.

When you put in the work, the benefits of coaching can include: 

  • Increased clarity, confidence and satisfaction with life and work
  • Less stress, confusion and negative self talk
  • Enhanced focus to choose and achieve your goals
  • Improved time management and productivity
  • More self awareness to benefit you and your relationships
  • More ease, peace of mind and quality of life.

Interested in coaching with me? Book a free, no-obligation discovery call. (By the way, if you’re wondering what a “discovery call” is, it’s a confidential, 30-minute opportunity for you to share your current situation, learn how/whether coaching can help you, and ascertain whether my approach is a good fit for your needs.)

Coaching Packages

Book a free discovery call to determine the right package for you. A one-year subscription including 26 one-on-one sessions and multiple workshops is $2,000 CAD + HST, or a 10-session package is $875 CAD + HST. (Payment installments accepted.) A single, one-hour session is $100 CAD + HST. (Higher rates apply for in-person sessions.) I also run group programs, or can also develop a custom program based on your individual needs. Find out more.

Midlife Clarity & Goals

In this program you will:

Midlife Mentoring

In this program we will: