Hi! I’m Coach Lisa Murphy

If you’re looking for a friendly, caring and motivating coach, I’m your gal. I absolutely love helping people celebrate their strengths and explore their full potential.

I’m a certified Life & Wellness Coach in Toronto who empowers women to create more intentional, fulfilling and joyful lives. (You may have seen my insights in articles in The Toronto Star, The Globe & Mail, Chatelaine and the CBC.) In addition to studying at Canada Coach Academy, I have done mindset coaching to transform my own life. From a career pivot to launching @50ForwardClub, getting sober and embracing daily mindset work, I understand the benefits of coaching firsthand. Plus, I’ve seen countless women in coaching achieve things they never thought possible. 

Toronto life coach Lisa Murphy can help you find more fun and fulfillment in your life.

As a former media director, I’m known for mentoring teams and individuals to embrace innovation and growth. My writing on health, parenting, design and lifestyle in Chatelaine, House & Home, The Globe & Mail, Best Health, Today’s Parent and other publications reveals my fascination with the secrets of a well-lived life. (I’m a voracious reader, as well, browsing everything from Epictetus to Brené Brown.) I also have experience in public relations, television and radio interviews, and leading engaging seminars and workshops.

Most importantly, I’m a fun-loving mother of two young adults, a support to my elderly parents and a trusted confidante to family and friends. I also enjoy walking and paddle boarding, taking coaching courses and connecting with inspiring women on my @50ForwardClub and @CoachLisaMurphy Instagram feeds.

But enough about me – I would love to find out about you! If you’re feeling stuck and are ready to move toward more joy and fulfillment in your life, book a free Discovery Call today.

“When I reached out to Lisa, I was feeling helpless and at a loss about my next steps. With coaching tools, empathy, and compassion, Lisa guided me through my personal swamp and helped me find clearer waters. She listened and shared techniques to manage negative spin cycles and imposter syndrome so that I could embrace my unique strengths and potential. Lisa’s program allowed me to get back to who I am at my core: a hopeful optimist who sees the good in others and focuses on the brighter side of life. I cannot recommend her enough.”

— simone

My Coaching Background

Lisa Murphy

Want to find out more about my coaching approach and process? Read on!

  • I am certified by Canada Coach Academy, an organization that follows International Coaching Federation (ICF) Coach Education standards and values that I believe in, including a focus on professionalism, collaboration, humanity and equity.
  • My coaching practice is based on the understanding that clients are creative, resourceful and whole – and the experts on their own life. Coaching techniques allow me to partner with them to raise their self-awareness and maximize their potential.
  • I keep abreast of the latest neuroscience and coaching developments so that I can apply these insights to my practice.
  • Every day, I read works by psychologists, social workers, philosophers, coaches and other experts to broaden my understanding, including books such as Coach The Person, Not The Problem by Marcia Reynolds or Change Your Questions, Change Your Life: 10 Powerful Tools for Life and Work by Marilee Adams.
  • I have a coach myself and do daily self-coaching work to continually grow and evolve. I love lifelong learning!

My Values

Trust & Safety

All coaching sessions are confidential, communication is clear and coaching agreements begin with a contract. I chose to train with an ICF-affiliated coaching school because I believe in professionalism, collaboration, humanity and equity.


I’m known for my kind, warm and empathetic approach. We humans go through a lot, and I know what it’s like to be stuck or grieving. I’m a caring coach who offers tools to help you build self-compassion, too.


You are the expert on your own life. My coaching practice is based on the understanding that clients are creative, resourceful and whole – and have the skills to transform their own lives with support and new tools and approaches.


I listen deeply to support your awareness and growth. I’m committed to lifelong learning, training and reading works by psychologists, social workers, philosophers, coaches and other experts to deepen my understanding.


The goal of my coaching is to help you to identify your goals, celebrate your strengths, and sustain your forward momentum despite fear or limiting beliefs. This enhances your confidence and results.


You have incredible strengths and gifts, and I strive to remind you of these in every session. Plus, I encourage you to celebrate yourself and acknowledge the progress you’re making.